Google adds Hacked site warning in search results

Google has added a new notification to Google search results that helps people ‘know when a site may have been hacked’ or ‘when the search results happen to include some site that is hacked or compromised’.

A useful tool for both Website owners and Searchers. A website owner or Webmaster will get to know about her website’s compromised status early; allowing her to take corrective action quickly. To ensure this, Google will try to contact the owner of a hacked site; either by email address on the site or through its Webmaster Tools.

For a Searcher, the benefits are obvious.

Google believes this will help people avoid sites that may have been compromised and altered by a third party, typically for spam. With the new hacked site notification Google wants to assure a user that whenever he/she visits a site, the information on that site comes from the original publisher.

Here’s what the notification looks like:

Google makes identifying Hacked or compromised sites in Google Search results easier.

Clicking the “This site may be compromised” link brings a user to an article in Google Help Center which explains more about the notice. Although, clicking the result itself brings you to the target website, as expected.

Addressing some Concerns:  

Google said that it understands that webmasters/ website-owners may be concerned that these notices will impact their traffic from search. Hence Google assures that once the problem has been fixed, the warning label will be automatically removed from search results, usually in a matter of days. If a webmaster feels that it’s taking longer than promised; then he can also request a review of his site to accelerate removal of the notice. --------

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