Google unveils the latest version of Google Maps: Google Maps 5.0

Google has unveiled the latest version of its Google Maps, the Google Maps 5.0.

What is New:

1) The use of vector maps which will offer 3D views in over 100 cities worldwide.Ability to tilt, rotate and zoom and with claims that the maps work even faster than the 2D maps of previous offerings.

2) Provision of an offline mode that keeps a user’s most frequently visited areas available off-line. A user can also navigate while offline and the application will even update routes when a user takes a misdirection without the need for an internet connection.

3) Addressing the storage issue, the new maps are smaller now than before and will only keep your most visited areas (Rest in cloud?).

Compatibility: What features will be available on a mobile will depend on its features, but most recent android phones will hopefully be supporting the vector maps and the multi-touch interface. All mobile running on Android 1.6 or later will be compatible with Google Maps 5.0. Google Maps 5.0 will still run, but without the unsupported features.

Availability: Google Maps 5.0 will be available to download very soon. --------

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