Heard about The Number Game on Facebook?

Heard about The Number Game on Facebook?

No it’s not some Zynga game app.

The Number Game is the latest activity that is getting Viral on Facebook.

In the past 24 hours, it has achieved a self made milestone, 1000 likes in less than 20 hours.

This is how The Number Game is Played:

Join "The Number Game, the rules are simple: Start by messaging your Facebook friend a number,any number, like 398749; and ask what he/she thinks about you. They'll post a note on your wall with that number plus what they really think about you. Afterwards, ask other friends via status or chat to send you a number if they want to see what you think of them.

Why this is innovative:

Although the number serves just as an anchor, in essense sending the number; lets a user know how his Facebook Friends take his/her appraoch on Facebook. Like if you send a number say 657, to a friend, who you never really talk to, then what will he/she think on receiving the number : I wonder why we never really talk.

In the same manner any random number sent to a best friend you talk and empathise with, will get a response something like: True friend; you've always been there and I'm grateful for our relationship!

So primarily your approach to Facebook engagement is reflecting in the responses; the number is just the anchor. How otherwise, people will reveal their true feelings about you,

More info: More information on The Number Game can be found on its Twitter page. --------

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