iPad 2 to have ergonomic changes: Rumor

According to a report, the next iteration of iPad, the iPad2 is said to bring some slight design changes that could impact how users interact with the device both in their hands and on flat surfaces. In short the changes will be ergonomic, that’s the changes in design for better device handling.

The rumor is coming from a Japanese Mac blog MacOtakara, which is reporting that iPad2 is getting a flat back to match that of the most recent iPod Touch, as well as a slight change in dimensions, decreasing 3mm off the length and width while retaining an identically sized screen. This means a smaller bezel--the black area around the screen

In addition to changes that will prevent the tablet to move like a coin or slide around when you press on something along the edges, MacOtakara says a more substantial change to the exterior will be the location of the speaker, which could be moved from the side of the unit to the back; a change that will take care of the unintentional blocking of the speaker by the inner palm, when the tablet is held. MacOtakara also says this speaker would be wide range, which could offer more evenly distributed audio at off-angle viewing.

Another small tweak the Japanese blog reports is a change in the location to the iPad's ambient light sensor, which is moving from the front of the unit to the back. May be this is to make space for a front camera that will support Apple's FaceTime video chat service.

Other recent rumor regarding iPad2 is dual support for GSM and CDMA. In addition, some analyst says it will be have a dual-core processor. --------

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