Is HTC developing an Android phone with 3D display?

After seeing 3D displays trickle down to phones in recent times -- 3D phones from Sharp (and spice in India) – it was clear that 3D will not be confined to just TVs and gaming devices (Nintendo is bringing the 3DS early 2011); mobile phone manufacturers are indeed jumping on the 3D bandwagon (like Acer, Motorola are already working on a 3D Android device).

If rumors are believed, then HTC is aiming to be the first company to release an Android device with a full 3D display. Earlier this year in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, HTC were demonstrating 3D mobiles. But the show off, was just limited to the capabilities of its smartphone chips, and not with finished handsets.

The rumor (courtesy HTC insiders) is that with February 2011’s MWC fast approaching, HTC plans to show a finished android handset; which will eventually start selling by the end 2011.

Further information is, HTC are currently looking at developments in AMOLED and e-ink display technology. Giving credibility to the rumors, HTC has recently advertised for ‘display and camera design engineer’ who has “familiarly with 3D display and imaging technologies” and with “multiple display technologies”. --------

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