Is Yahoo shutting down Delicious & Other Web Apps ?

Courtesy, a screenshot leaked some hours ago on Twitter shows that Yahoo may be on path of killing Delicious & Other Web Apps.

According to the slide, it is “sunset” time for bookmarking serviceDelicious, Yahoo Buzz, AltaVista, Yahoo Picks, Yahoo Bookmarks, MyBlogLog and a few other web-based services owned and operated by Yahoo.

Merging time for other products, such as Yahoo Events and Yahoo People Search.

And with these kills and mergers Yahoo will be focussing its attention on other services/features, including Yahoo Deals and the 2008 acquisition Inquisitor.

Here is the Slide:

A Leaked Slide reveals that Yahoo may be shutting down or merging some current services, including Delicious; and focusing on making some other services Bigger.

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