A Lock to save your bike/bicycle from street burglars

Some years ago an MIT student created an alarm clock -- That ensures you don't keep on sleeping by ducking it in the bedside table drawer. No, it does not use some NASA technology to accomplish its objective; all the Alarm clock does, was keep on ringing and running out of your reach.

Fitted with wheels, the alarm clock kept moving to inaccessible places; unless you put some effort to get out of the bed and press the stop button.

The said alarm clock proved that a product doesn't need to be high tech to be effective. Sometimes products designed with some definite objective and common sense are equally effective if not more.

Have a look at this clever lock "save your bike/bicycle from street burglars" created by a German company. The lock works on similar thought that was behind the alarm clock. It pulls a bike latched on to a street pole via it; using motorized skateboard wheels high up on the pole , until it becomes out of reach for would-be thieves.

Check out the video:


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