A Look inside a Facebook Server Farm

TIME magazine recently named Mark Zuckerberg the second-youngest "Person of the Year" in the publication's history. Mark Zukerberg got 15 times less vote than POY Survey Topper Julian Assange; and was on 10th place; Still he got the POY title.

As part of the POY coverage, TIME people were allowed to take a stroll inside Facebook.

Considering Facebook's sprawling server farm - the technological guts of the network that manages traffic for more than 500 million users each and every day—inpressive, TIME has shared a glimpse of a Facebook Server Farm.

TIME is Awestruck, not only by thousands of servers stacked atop one another, and the way that the system is not just linked to the outside world; but alsowith it being interlinked, using a "layered replication" model that insures the network almost never goes out.

TIME’s – A Look inside Facebook Server Farm photo gallery. --------

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