Makes your mobiles charging in a Grassy Lawn

Makes your mobiles charging in a Grassy Lawn.

Above is the picture of the Grassy Lawn Charging Station, that you can put on your office table; and feel happy that your devices are getting charged nestled in green grass.

But, stop, there isn't any technological advancement here, nor is the grass nesting your devices is real, rooted in soil, nourished by sun. The grass is fake. The charging station features fake grass and a compartment beneath the grass hides all the power adapters and cables.

The Grassy lawn charging station may be a stepping stone for the world towards real co-existence of environment and technology; allowing mobiles to be charged via the sunlight assimilated by the grass blades; but this charging station is definitely not helping the environment.

unless, you really want to show this off to your friends; don't think of buying it. As that will encourage the maker to waste energy to make the fake grass. --------

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