Microsoft launches Bing 2.0 for iPhone and other iOS devices

Microsoft has just released version 2.0 of the Bing search app for iOS devices.

Notable new Features:

1) Better Facebook integration: Integrated Facebook Likes on search results. Ability to in-app checkins to Facebook and Foursquare.

2) Incorporation of Microsoft Streetside: Unlike Google's Streetview that requires a lot of forward- and back-clicking and turning in order to get a feel for a location, Streetslide provides a more comprehensive view of the shops and businesses in an area by letting a user strafe down the sidewalk while zooming in and out of the buildings located on each side of the street. But Endgadget found the StreetSide missing some of the locations in San Francisco; and havign less locations covered outside and inside US.

Have a look at Streetside demo from Bing's architect:


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