Microsoft to unveil full-featured Windows for ARM processors: Rumor

According to Bloomberg and then by the Wall Street Journal, at CES next month, Microsoft will unveil a full-featured version of Windows that runs on ARM processors. The expectation is that it will be used in tablets in 2013.

Microsoft is bringing a full-featured version of Windows 7 or Windows 8, or later, to ARM to put it on a tablet. One question that comes is Why is Microsoft not using Windows Phone 7?

Or has Microsoft some plans to monopolize the tablet market in 2013, just like its PC operating systems did?

Considering the pace at which Tablet market is evolving: the rumor is either misleading or reflecting Microsoft's inability to understand the dynamics of tablet market. Although, it's least likely that, Microsoft will jump over the current tablet OSs status in 2013 with its adaption. --------

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