Microsoft Xbox Live Rewards Program Launched

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Live Rewards program. The proram will let users earn Microsoft Points for activity on the online gaming portal.

Microsoft Points can be used to purchase items in the Xbox Live Marketplace; 1600 points can be purchased for $19.99.

Here is how the Microsoft’s Xbox live Rewards program rewards:

1) Gold members can earn 10 points by renewing their one-month Xbox Live Gold membership, 30 points for renewing a three-month membership, and 200 points for re-upping an annual subscription. On buying or renewing an Xbox Live Gold Family Pack, you'll get 400 points. First-time Gold members get 100 points, and their first purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace will net them another 100 points.

2) Gold members who activate and use Netflix on Xbox Live, meanwhile, will get 100 points.

3) Buying select Xbox Live Marketplace content will also allow both Free and Gold members to earn points, though values will vary.

4) Free and gold members who take a monthly survey will get another 10 points.

5) Point allocations are not retroactive(means this program is not taking effect on a past date or from a past date. Points will count from the time the new program is starts).

6) The maximum number of Microsoft points a user can earn each year is 15,000.

7) At this point, the rewards program will go until June 30, 2011; points earned will be good until June 30, 2012.

Regions the new program is open to: The rewards program is open to Xbox Live members( 18 yaers and above) in the US and UK.

How to join: To participate, connect your Xbox 360 to Xbox Live, and click the "Join Xbox Live Rewards" button on the Live Rewards Web site. It can take up to 36 hours to confirm your application. --------

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