Multitouch to install a Twitter Wall at CES 2011

Multitouch Ltd., a Finland based technology company specializing in the touch screen technology has developed multi user, multi touch displays for retail and digital signage applications. To showcase the new displays, Multitouch will be installing a cluster of these displays at the Consumer Electronic Show to create the Official 2011 International CES Twitter Wall.

Tweets will be fed to the wall in real-time from selected hash tags, including the official #CES tag, and keywords.

The visitors and participants at the CES 2011 will be allowed to interact with this Twitter Wall. This wall will consist of at least six Multitouch Cell 46 displays measuring 3 x 2 feet. Probably making a screen 12 by 3 in dimensions (although the panels can be configured for horizontal or vertical installations). Each panel used for the Wall is about 12 inches deep and weighs about 37 Kg.

How interactive will be the wall:

Those at CES2011 will be able to open individual posts and move them around. They will also be able to watch videos and view photos.

Technology Behind:

The computer vision system incorporated in the panels has a rate of 100 frames per second that makes it capable of handling unlimited touch points on the scratch-resistant front glass, and delivers full high-definition resolution with an active area of 40 x 22.5 inches. --------

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