Now you can Lend your Kindle ebooks has just launched a feature that lets you lend certain Kindle books. You can read the details about Kindle ebook lending here.

According to Amazon, books can be lent for up to 14 days. Only Kindle books that are made eligible for this feature can be lent. The publisher has to make the book available for lending.

Eligible Kindle books can be loaned once for a period of 14 days. The borrower does not need to own a Kindle -- Kindle books can also be read using our free Kindle reading applications for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices. Not all books are lendable -- it is up to the publisher or rights holder to determine which titles are eligible for lending. The lender will not be able to read the book during the loan period.

Some articles are reporting that some major publishers are not participating in this lending feature including Avon, Hachette, Harlequin and Penguin. --------

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