Opera 11 launched: brings Extensions,Tab Stacking and Visual Mouse Gestures

The final that is non-beta (test version) version of Opera 11 has been released.

Opera 11 brings several important improvements, including extensions, tab stacking and visual mouse gestures to the browser.

Tab stacking: Lets a user organize tabs into groups by dragging and dropping tabs onto other tabs, In simple, making creating Tab “stacks.”

Extensions: Lets a user enhance Opera’s basic functionality with a number of add-ons available from Opera’s extensions catalog. Just like one does for with browser extensions, “You Blog a lot ? then why not use a browser add-on or extension to make blogging easy; by posting right from the web page you are currently on” etc.

Other new features: Visual mouse gestures, an improved auto-update system (which now makes sure that your Opera, its extensions and Opera Unite apps are up to date), and a new e-mail panel. Download Opera 11 from Here.

Welcome compatibilities brought in: Opera 11 brings HTML5 support, as well as many performance improvements and memory issue fixes.


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