Parental Controls for Android smartphones

Parents out there with Android phones may want to put parental controls on their devices, so that the kid doesn’t use it for long hours or a slightly older one, can’t make or receive calls at odd hours.

Below are three Parental control apps available to you, that do a fair job if not great ( unlike Apple, Android doesn’t have many options for parents to control content on Android:

1) SMobile Parental Control :The on-device application collects data from the child's device and uploads it to a Parental Control Dashboard that is accessible via the Internet. The Parental Control Dashboard allows parents to view all SMS text messages and all Phone logs. GPS location and wipe command. As one user says he not only benefited from the said features, it also helped him trace her dauter's lost phone twice.

2) Mobile Nanny: Works in a similar manner as the above application -- parents have direct access to any given device in which the application is installed, via internet. Parents can then effectively monitor and review such things as text messages, calls, web sites visited and even pictures taken with the device and even set up time based calling, app usage schedules. Mobile Nanny is available now in the Android Market but it does have a subscription-based price attached to it. For one year's worth of service, you'll be looking at $49.97.

3) Android Parental Control

The fact that none of three, allows filtering for apps, and no filtering on web surfing, None of these is a true parental control solution. But still it's better than nothing; one can choose any one of the top two. As if parenting is all about keeping vigilance, then the access to 90 percent of data and activities happening on your child's mobile is indeed a great help.

And any Parental software is as good as the vigilance of the parent.

BTW, Android Market is going to introduce app content ratings soon. --------

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