Respect your country laws on Facebook

Here is another behaviour or action added to “what not to do on Facebook” List; unless you are a “I Care for nothing” guy. Or unless, you live in a more open country. The said bevaior is – Never behave or act in a manner that is non-conforming to your country’s laws. Not paying heed to this advice can land the person in trouble and even sedition charges can be levelled against him/her.

According to a report, Malaysian police has arrested a man for allegedly creating a Facebook page that mocked the country's former king. As it’s illegaal to mock royalty in Malaysia; and any malaysian can be charged with sedition to criticize of mock royals; hence the arrested suspect, who is believed to have set up the page to criticize Late Sultan Iskandar Ismail, a state ruler who was Malaysia's king for five years in the 1980s, can be tried for sedition.

If proved guilty of sedition, the 40-year-old suspect can be awarded three years in prison. The said Facebook page was removed by Facebook, when the police started investigation this August.

So: Respect your country laws on Facebook. --------

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