Samsung going to debut an Apple iPod touch like device at upcoming CES: Rumors

After bringing Galaxy S and Galaxy Tablet to rival Apple’s iPhone and iPad respectively; rumors suggest Samsung is developing an iPod touch challenger, set to debut at the upcoming CES 2011.

Call it an iPod touch nemesis?

Although Samsung Galaxy products have never actually gave a formidable challenge to their Apple counterparts in terms of sales or success, but when compared to others they’ve still done remarkably well.

This story expcts the Samsung media player to pack a super clear 4 inch LCD touch screen (no super AMOLED apparently), a 1GHz processor, one 3.2 MP rear camera and a front VGA one, plus microSD card capability; with same storage as Galaxy S, of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Other features include the basic WiFi, Bluetooth, HD video playback and of course the Android OS. However, it will only be shipping with Android 2.2, not Gingerbread unfortunately.

What the rumors circulating are like:

Samsung is reportedly set to unveil the Galaxy Player device (model name YP-GB1) in Las Vegas at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, 6-9 January 2011. Basically, the portable media player will be like a Samsung Galaxy S, but without the phoning (just like an iPod touch is an iPhone without the phone part). From the shots we’ve seen it looks more or less identical and also has the same super thin 9.9 mm thickness.

** It’s to be seen what Samsung accomplishes with the Samsung Galaxy MP4 player and Apple iPod touch rival set to debut in the new year. It should be noted that when Apple launched iPod at first, it was a revolutionary or curve jumping product; so it’s to be seen how Samsung will differentiate its offering. The areas it can improve will be sound quality. Ecosystem-wise here is not much scope. --------

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