Skype to bring video chat to Apple devices in 2011: Speculation

According to rumors Skype plans to unveil its own video-chat feature for its mobile apps at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Pcworld bases its speculation on a FAQ page published on the Skype site (it's since been removed), which said -- video calls on a device like Apple's iPhone could transpire over both a user's 3G and Wi-Fi connections—that's actually an upgrade from FaceTime, which only officially works across one's Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, the new version of Skype supporting video chat would only work on iOS 4.0 or higher, as well as an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, a third- or fourth-generation iPod Touch, or an iPad. Mobile users would also be able to receive screen-sharing from desktop or laptop Skype users. --------

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