A Social Network For Toddlers!

What does a substantial part of most of the tweets or Facebook wall messages convey among friends; or what does a sizeable number of tweets or Facebook wall messages of a celebrity marketer, blogger or a star, convey: "I'm just waking up”! , "I'm going for lunch!", "I'm eating this", "I'm eating that" -- in short something which although conveys a lot among friends or matters a lot to the recipients of an influential voice; have inherent no value for rest of the world.

So if someone says, messages shared socially need to be useful; then it should be seen with a perspective: How can one define 'useful'?

Say for instance, what will constitute useful and meaningful; if toddlers decide or given an opportunity to interact with fellow toddlers in some social network (without adult assistance).

As obvious, their social network will look very different; their reactions to what is being said and their level of indulgence will be different too.

Finnish design team Passi and Rapatti have brought social networking to the Toddlers.

In the video below, tweets and status updates are brought to two toddlers with the “IOBR-- a block and shape toy that also functions as a minimalist social networking platform".

How the Toddler Social Network works: Each toddler is provided with an IOBR Box and a set of shapes; when one toddler places a particular shape conveying some message on its designated place on his box; the other toddler's box illuminates at the shape having the same shape.

The video below shows how the two social media enthusiasts share meaningful things between each other.

The two are not doing bad, they are sharing very meaningful insights; just as some grown ups do! Aren't they? --------

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