Tablet ownership picture for UK

According to the findings of a new survey conducted by market research firm YouGov, the tablet ownership picture for UK looks like this:

47 percent own an Apple iPad

Out of these iPad owners:

* 19 percent have atleast two tablet devices.

* 17 percent said that their iPad is being constantly used by family members.

* 6 percent of iPad owners have bought a second iPad. Out of these, 37 percent revealed that they had bought a second iPad because their partner, or some other family member, kept it engaged all the time. 14 percent admitted they purchased another iPad because their child was using it.

* Nearly a fifth of iPad owners (19 percent) admit they are considering purchasing a second tablet PC, with 71 percent of these admitting this will also be an Apple iPad.

* 1 percent said he/she bought second tablet (of some other brand) to try it.

16 percent of all tablet owners own more than one tablet computers. With 21 percent of these multiple table PC owerners, admiting that the second tablet has been gifted by an iPad user and iPad is monopolizing the previously bought tablet PC. --------

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