Top Ten Gadgets 2010 List rolled out By Time

Time has rolled out Top Ten Gadgets list of 2010. Apple's iPad made it to the top. It’s a return to the number one spot for Apple after the Motorola Droid took the spot from the iPhone last year, and the company also had the new MacBook Air and the new Apple TV in the Top 10 this time round.

Below is the List:

Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)1) Apple iPad

Not first touchscreen tablet in the history of computing, but surely the most successful so far. With 3 million iPads sold in its first 30 days and a market for interactive magazines and newspapers created almost overnight, Apple iPad is a runaway success; making it a device of the present and the future.

Price: 499-629 USD

Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Unlocked Version. Quad-band GSM w/ 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHZ 3g. Super Amoled Capacitive Touchscreen. 8gb Internal Memory.2) Samsung Galaxy S

Best among many Android phones launched in 2010, the Samsung Galaxy S, unlike the iPhone, works with a number of carriers and comes in a number of models. The phone's best feature is its screen: it's astonishingly bright, even in daylight. It also is thinner and consumes less power than traditional LCDs, reducing the Galaxy's overall weight and thickness.

Price: 200-250 USD

Apple MacBook Air MC505LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop3) 11-inch MacBook Air

The first mainstream notebook from a big company to feature flash storage over conventional hard drives.

Price: 999-1199 USD

Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV and Keyboard Controller4) Google TV Via Logitech Revue

Google TV is launched this year. The software is available on a number of different devices. But the best bet for most people is the Logitech Revue box, which works with an existing TV. It's the only TV box to sit between the cable box and the TV, which means no switching inputs to use it. When you want Google TV, the Revue box allows you to browse the Web and stream video on your TV. When you don't, you can surf your TV channels like you normally do.

Price: 300 USD

Google Nexus One Unlocked Phone5) Nexus one

Nexus One is the first and only phone designed specifically by Google to take advantage of its Android software platform. Nexus One, which Google called a superphone, wasn't a success. Ahad of its time but by only months, and even though one could buy it without a contract, gave an option to chose between AT&T and T-Mobile. Still, Nexus One owners get updates directly from Google and ahead of other Android phone users.

Price: 529 USD

Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 32GB6) iPhone 4

Sold 1.7 million units in the first three days of availability, the iPhone 4's 960-by-640-pixel screen resolution is quite impressive -- No competitor has been able to stuff as many pixels into a 3.5-inch (9 cm) LCD. Additional attraction is Apple's front-facing camera and FaceTime software combine finally made mobile video chatting possible.

Price: 199-299 USD

Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010)7) Apple TV

The Apple TV is streaming-only; No downloads. It's a part of Apple's ambitious goal of making a broadcasting network, in which content will be streamed on to a user device whenever, wherever he/she wants to consume it. No permanent ownership. Everything is a rental. The latest version of Apple TV shipped in late September. And unlike its earlier version, its users can connect to their Netflix accounts, giving the device a wider appeal.

Price: 99 USD

Toshiba libretto W105-L251 7-Inch Dual Touchscreen Laptop (Silver/Black)8) Toshiba Libretto Dual-Screen Laptop

A limited-edition dual-screen (touch-screens), keyboardless laptop, with two 7-inch (18 cm) screens and a price tag of $1,100. Toshiba, called it s "Concept PC", which can be used vertically like a book or horizontally like a standard laptop. The device can eb used for various uses.

Price: 1100 USD

Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!9) Kinect

Microsoft ventured into motion-controlled gaming with Kinect. Kinect doesn't require holding any physical controllers. A player's body is the controller, which is about as intuitive as it gets. Kinect, proved to be an exciting peripheral for another reason too; a reason which is becoming a matter of concern for the company. Sharp brains are making Kinect do feats, Microsoft didn't provide in the official product; and making it versatile too.

Price: 150 USD

NOOKcolor eBook Tablet10) Nook Color

In 2010 a number of manufacturers came out with color e-readers. Majority of these were cheap, with poor screens; with some exceptions. Barnes & Noble's Nook Color has an IPS touchscreen similar to the iPad's, but it costs considerably less than Apple's hit product. Barnes & Noble is the first major e-book player to bet big on color.

Price: 250 USD --------

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