US Smartphone Market standings October 2010

According to Neilsen’s latest data, Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry OS are now head to head; with Blackberry sliding more, form 31 percent in August 2010 to 27.4 percent now. Apple iPhone who had 28 percent market share in August slided down slightly to 27.9 percent now.

US Smartphone Market standings October 2010(market share in percentage):

Apple iPhone OS___________27.9 Percent

RIM Blackberry OS__________27.4 percent

Android OS________________22.7 percent
(Fast gainer, gained a couple of points from August market share and about 14 percentage points since January.Android had 19 percent and 8.7 percent market share in August and January 2010 respectively)

Microsoft Windows Mobile______14 percent
(a figure that doesn't include Windows Phone 7devices, which were yet to be released at the time of the survey)

Symbian OS (think Nokia)_______3.4 percent

Linux________________________3.3 percent

Palm OS_____________________1.3 percent --------

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