What a Nook Color running Kindle be called ?...Kindle

As soon as Barnes & Noble released the Android-powered Nook Color, it was expected that some sharp people would surely want to see how a Nook Color looks and works when hacked to run the Kindle app.

And the moment has come. Nook color has been rooted (the act of accessing those previlges which the manufacturer reserves to itself) to run Kindle for Android App. Here are the step-by-step rooting instructions.

Benefits: one can download Kindle books on Nook color and have both eBook stores available to you on a single device. Rooting the device also enables it for the Android Market.

Caution is advised: The rooted Nook Color firmware is less than perfect, requiring a reboot now and again, but it's fairly stable (certain apps such as the Kobo Reader for Android don't always run properly). And as Nook Color is a $250 device, act on your own risk. --------

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