Yahoo Email Users Spending More Time On Facebook's Wall : Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz

According to Yahoo Chief Executive Carol Bartz on Tuesday,

The amount of time users spend using Yahoo Inc.'s key email service is declining as more people are using social network site Facebook Inc.'s "Wall" to communicate with each other.

But the CEO was quick to underline that the number of Yahoo Mail users continues to grow. Although she didn’t give further details, she added that Internet users will continue to share their time on Yahoo, Facebook and Google Inc. as they seek out information, navigate the Web and communicate with each other. So the picture she wants to paint was: rather than calling a single property taking bearshare of users’ online presence; one should say users’ online time is still divided among top online properties.

Notably, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Internet giant, is in the midst of turnaround effort that has seen it strike a search pact with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and get rid of non-core properties so that it can focus on its key Web pages and display advertising business.

Yahoo Mail is the leading U.S. email service roughly twice the audience of second-ranked Gmail. --------

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