You can charge your cellphone in Just One Minute:Courtesy Toshiba

When I looked at the press release link in my inbox this morning, I was instantly absorbed in an array of thoughts. All the thought had one thing in common—Urgency OR Emergency.

Majority of thoughts comprised of electric cars, of all shapes and sizes, being put to charging a couple of seconds before-- a man has to take his kid to hospital, or a family has to hurrily move out of their home because of some tornado warning, a woman in acute distress being quickly taken to the nearest maternity Home etc.

A few thoughts have a cellphone user putting his cellphone to charging seconds before he has to make an urgent call.

But the good thing is all the thoughts reached to a happy ending; as Thanks to "One minute Rechargable Lithium-Ion Batteries", the car or cellphone user doesn’t had to regret his forgetfulness as he was able to get his gadget charged in one or two minutes.

The press release link in the inbox is about the same "One Minute Rechargable Lithium-Ion Battery" that Toshiba has developed.

Toshiba’s high energy density lithium-Ion battery recharges 80% of its capacity in one minute. This is sixty times faster than typical lithium-ion batteries (which among other applications are commonly used in cellphones).So if all goes well, you may be very soon charging your cellphone in a minute and then making that important call.

Possibilities are Endless:

Apart from some of the thoughts that I shared in the beginning, imagine how much can be accomplished with these fast charging batteries. This technology may dominate over everything. With high energy density, fast charging cells, there is also a clear path to fully electric vehicles with no need to change current infastructure. Vehicles could also easily be charged from home, at work, or gas stations could adapt by providing high-speed charging facilities—Taking not more than what it takes to fill your gasoline tank. In addition, the portability possibilities—charge anywhere, will be simply out of world too. --------

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