Zynga acquires iPhone game maker Newtoy

Zynga who has acquired seven companies in the last seven months (can be called Google of the Gaming world who is in a much higher aquiring state this year) including Bonfire Studios, Challenge Games, Conduit Labs, Dextrose AG, Unoh Games and XPD, has now bought Newtoy Inc., the North Texas-based company that brought the world iPhone games like Words With Friends and Chess With Friends.

Terms of the deal are not out yet.

After the buy, Newtoy's McKinney headquarters will be known as The Zynga With Friends Studio, and will create new games.

Paul Bettner, the CEO and co-founder of Newtoy, is now the vice president and general manager of The Zynga With Friends Studio; reporting to David Ko, Zynga's senior vice president of mobile(How Funny !) --------

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