874 iPads out of every 1000 tablets sold worldwide in 2010

Tablets are gaining popularity gloablly, and leading the pack is Apple's iPad. Apple iPad continues to capitalize, a new report from market research firm IDC asserts.

Third quarter of 2010 numbers for tablets:

During the third quarter of 2010, Oct-Dec 2010, the worldwide tablet market grew by 45.1 percent.

Vendors shipped 4.8 million units during the quarter, up from the 3.3 million they shipped in the second quarter of 2010. So compared to previous quarter, the tablet shipments grew 46 percent.

Apple has nearly all the tablet market:

According to IDC, Apple’s iPad enjoyed 87.4 percent market share during the period, tallying 4.2 million units shipped worldwide. In other words for every 1000 tablets sold worldwide, 874 were Apple iPads.

IDC estimates for 2010:

IDC estimates that 17 million tablets were shipped worldwide in 2010. That figure is expected to grow exponentially in 2011 with an estimated 44.6 million tablets shipped. A whopping 162 percent growth. This is in line with the Deloitte forecast.

IDC estimates for 2012:

IDC said that it expects 70.8 million tablets to hit store shelves. A 59 percent growth compared to 2011. Notably, IDC slows down the growth for 2012 to just 59 percent, compared to the growth in 2011, which is 162 percent. --------

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