An iPad app launched for TiVo Premier owners

TiVo has just unveiled an iPad app that will allow TiVo Premiere owners to use their Apple iPad as a remote and TV guide.

What the app offers:

1) Provides access to all the content available on the set-top box - from TV listings and your DVR queue to show information and social-networking link-ups.

2) Provides access to live TV and DVR recordings. A swipe is all it takes to watch the show on the TV. When not in home, use the app to set up a TiVo recording.

3) Fo those who love their stars, the app has a more info about a show or celebrity feature too, the TiVo app lets you explore biographical information without interuppting the show on the TV.

4) To discuss your watch, the app provides integration with Twitter and Facebook as well.

The app also includes a bottom menu (a feature which proved game changing for Samsung) which includes several options, including Info, Guide, My Shows, Browse, and Manage.

Also there is a an advanced remote icon, which brings up a traditional remote interface. Plus ‘Slide’ along the bottom of the screen to fast forward or rewind TV content, is also there.

Availability: The app is free to download, from the App Store and enter the key from your TiVo box. Users must have a TiVo Premiere or TiVo Premiere XL box and an active, paid TiVo subscription to avail the service. --------

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