Apple iPad Subsidies not attracting UK Customers

According to a recent the Boy Genius Report and of paidContent:UK, British online newspaper, Apple iPad subsidies are not pulling customers for UK’s Orange.

Orange UK shifted only 1000 Apple iPad units in the first week of the device becoming available although that quantity hasn’t been confirmed by Orange. Apparently Orange UK has expected to shift tens of thousands of Apple iPad units during the holiday season at their reduced price of £199 based on signing on for a two year agreement, but industry sources are saying it has gotten off to a slow start.

Orange UK, Three UK and T-Mobile UK all launched Apple iPads during the festive season and there is no word on how many iPads T-Mobile or Three have sold. According to a Times story, Customers are not too keen to subscribe to a long-term £25-a-month deal on top of monthly broadband and mobile phone contracts. If the reports are true then picture will not be very bright for the other two carriers. --------

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