Apple sales grew 238 Percent in fourth quarter 2010

If Apple iPad is eating the netbook sales then why not treat the iconic tablet as a netbook PC.

Canalys, a much respected research firm has done exactly the same. Canalys counts tablets, such as Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab, as PCs.

So going by Canalys nomneclature, its global quarterly shipments peg Apple as the world's third largest PC vendor (without tablets, Apple will not even figure in the top 5 according to IDC and Gartner).

Apple that was toiling around a mere 3.8 percent market share in Oct-Dec 2009 has shot up to 10.8 percent with the aid of its 10-inch touchscreen device. Comparing the Q4 quarter sales of 11.5 million to same quarter in 2009, when it sold 3.4 million PCs; Apple sales grew 238 Percent. --------

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