Baby drowns while mom on Facebook

An American woman, suspected of causing the drowning death of her one-year-old child in September 2010 has been arrested this week and is now in Weld County Jail. If the investigation authorities are true, then the incident serves as another reminder that parents can't take their eyes off young children (irrespective of their age) for even a second, especially when they're around water. A rule 34-year-old Shannon Johnson broke when she allegedly left her son Joseph alone in a tub while she was on Facebook.

That said, the said sad incident also talks about how we use online social networks.

Although it'll be wrong to say that the mother of the unfortunate baby, ignored her child for her love of Facebook; as the incident can nothing but a chance; still it is time we look at how we engage in online social networks. As by the very nature social networks like Facebook and twitter can be very addictive.

Increasing number of people are using these social networks on their mobile devices; for many hours a day. which means they are using SNs while at work, at home, watching TV or rearing kids. And this number is on an increase. According to a recent revelation, twitter CEO said, 40 percent of all tweets are from mobile devices, compared to 25 percent last year. Engagement figures for Facebook are equally compelling. If one adds to these the findings of another recent study, which says 35+ people now represent 30 percent of Facebook; Then it'll be easy to assume that many of these people will have young kids, who need constant monitoring, so that the sad incidents like above don't happen.

Parenting is a big responsibility, and ties a person beyond one's liking. But ignoring something real for something virtual will not be a happy scenario. The best way to make sure, the child is not affected by one's social network engagements is making a fixed schedule and hours too: where one can login when a child goes to sleep, before kid wakes, or when they are studying. It's good to use a mobile device like a laptop or a tablet; so that a mum or dad can sit near the cradle of a sleeping baby. --------

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