Create Baby Face scam popular on Facebook is gone now

A sneaky scam that persuades people -- through social networking site advertisements -- to click on a link to, which would require users to install a browser toolbar before they could begin creating silly baby faces, is popular on Facebook.

The toolbar, when installed, would in turn change their default search engine and home page to an affiliate branded version of Bing.

But on the part, it has announced this was the case, so users are carrying on on their own. In short, those who are running the campaign, have monetized their search activity, cashing in on each link clicked as a result of using that Bing tool To take care of the traffic they are using the Facebook ad.

An innovative marketing model though.

According to AdAge, the site is the third-largest advertiser in social networks. Which in other words means that the site to be the third largest advertiser on Facebook.

But the good thing is, the site was working violating Facebook TOS. Finding the site violating its affiliate TOS too, Microsoft has shown the door to the site too. the site is gone now. --------

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