EgoBook App creates a Book out of your Facebook Profile

For most people, a Book (one that is made of paper and is stacked in a book rack) created out of their Facebook wall posts, photos, and comments …. That’s everything that shows up on Facebook profile; will be of no use.

An Ego massaging exercise than anything.

After all what will a person do with such a book, that contains nothing but what the user has posted, reacted or uploaded in his own Facebook profile?

But there may be something very useful about such a book; else why would some Facebook app offer such a service?...Yes, 8 out of 10 times businesses fail to sense the buyer’s pulse; but I think the app means business. How? That a bit later, first a few things about the app.

EgoBook is a Facebook app that lets you turn your Facebook profile into an actual book. To create a Book out of your Facebook profile, the EgoBook Facebook app pulls in wall posts, photos, and comments from your Facebook profile (you will have to give it permission to do so). EgoBook will retrieve the data it needs to assemble a book from your profile, and store it on its servers for 48 hours or so, to create the Book. Once the book is created, the App removes your information from its servers. Last but not the least; EgoBook doesn't sell your information to third parties.

Pricing for an EgoBook starts around $22.45 US. You can visit their page and order one if you find it useful.

Now coming on to how the app is “speaking business”; I think the app provides something more than an Ego massaging exercise. A Book containing one’s Facebook activity, over a period of time, is a valuable tool for any marketer or online entrepreneur. The fact that the app makes it possible for a marketer/online entrepreneur to flip or compare, review, contemplate, pinpoint mistakes, strategize his/her Facebook profile, just like one reads a Book at Bed time, makes it immensely valuable. Other possible clients for this app can be businesses online, who can use such books to train the new recruits and to convey their Facebook philosophy to staff in general.

I feel that this app is going to do well; and surprise many. --------

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