Facebook interaction Leads To Sex Faster

According to Shape and Men’s Fitness magazine,

Facebook interaction lead to sex, faster.

The study found that 58 percent of men surveyed, said flirting over Facebook, texts, and chat helps them get women into bed sooner. Likewise, 80 percent of the women surveyed said that relationships lead to sex quicker today because it’s easy to stay connected.

When asked “Are they OK that the Facebook interaction led to the end result?” Both genders said they are OK with it. This is almost double compared to last year. Almost half of the 1,200 women and men who participated in the survey describing their sex lives as amazing compared with 21 percent last year.

But there’s a flipside of the Facebook intimacy too.

According to the survey: The intimacy a person has on Facebook with a potential mate can be pretty short lived.

Take aside the sex thing. The report also finds that Facebook interactions also develop "Faux intimacy" between two people. where they communicate, share and behave very intimately but don't move beyond that. There are instances when a person may have not even talked to the other person and still they are behaving very intimately in their online exchanges. --------

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