Facebook launches new app to take mobile experience to lower-end Java phones

Remember last year Last year, Facebook launched Zero, a mobile website that was scaled down to lower bandwidth usage, to enable Facebook’s reach among people who don’t own fancy smartphones. And thanks to the deals Facebook cut with mobile operators it not only provided it free, as long as a user doesn’t want to see photos; it also extended its reach.

Today, Facebook has announced a new app m.fb.snaptu.com/f that it claims improves the experience with “an easier-to-navigate home screen, contact synchronization, and fast scrolling of photos and friend updates” for feature phones. And notably, Facebook has again cut deals with operators, allowing users to use the app without any data charges for the first 90 months.

Like Zero, this move is again about expanding Facebook’s international presence, since among the list of carriers to support the app, are the carriers in countries like Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the Dominican Republic. The app will be supported by Reliance in India soon.

About the app: The app was created with Snaptu, a Sequoia Capital-backed startup that focuses on bringing online experiences to lower-end Java phones (making Facebook’s aim pretty clear). --------

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