Facebook Post rattles father of 23

He has kids and that too a lot of kids, of different ages (ranging from 3 to those in their early 20s), from different women, a total of 23; but a Facebook post by a Terrebonne Parish child-support hearing officer about him; has deeply upset a barroom bouncer, Larry Luther, a resident of THIBODAUX.

Larry Luther is appearing before the child-support hearing officer, William Dunckelman, in regard to one of his children.

The court got involved after the 3-year-old’s mother, 23-year-old Courtney Danielle Lewis, was arrested in January 2010 on a charge of second- degree cruelty to a juvenile. Authorities alleged she threw the boy against a couch, which resulted in a fractured leg.

What upsets the father of 23 is that in addition to the said Facebook post; the judge said in an assessment of him that he has “too much time on his hands. Other things that rattle Luther, is the judge ordering him to search for jobs ten times faster than others; so that he can provide the maintenance he owes to his children. The barroom bouncer is also upset by the judge handing him over job applications for fast-food joints in his neighborhood and also issuing him orders that out of every 10 job application filled 4 should be at Fast food joints.

Luther finds all this breach of privacy and his father on his behalf is gin got file a lawsuit against the judge for both the Facebook and the in court proceedings.

The judge on his part, although, is sorry for the said Facebook post (the page has been removed); upholds his in court actions as he finds them necessary to make Luther's kids get what they owe to their father. --------

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