Facebook posting by a Teen results in felony charges against him

A 15-year-old student at an American school (Smithfield High School) is being charged with cyberstalking and using false information for an alleged Facebook posting in November.

According to an affidavit, the 15 year old used a fake account to harass a freshman, who because of a birth deformity, is missing some part of her foot. The fake account pretending to be the freshman’s, had a picture of a blood severed foot under the profile "Halfafoot." To make the attack more potent, the posting also included the junior’s/freshman's last name and birthdate. The girl has to become a target of ridicule because of that posting.

The police said that, when they tried to question the boy’s father, he responded rudely. The police are of the view that instead of covering up the incident, the father should have been more responsible. As such incidents are just a cue to much heinous crimes, if left unresolved.

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