Facebook settles Friend Finder dispute, bows down to German privacy control officials

Those who are not aware of this dispute, here is a quick recap.

German privacy commissioner Johannes Caspar began a review of Facebook's privacy practices in July 2010 after receiving numerous complaints from Germans who had recieved unsolicited messages from Facebook.

The reason, which Casper unearthed with her findings was the controversial Facebook Friend Finder Feature.

Friend Finder is a service that allows users to enter their e-mail address and passwords, giving Facebook access to their contacts to invite them to the social network.

What irked the Germans was that, the feature doesn’t allow them to select the email contacts to whom they want to send invitations; plus once done it doesn’t allow users to give the decision a second thought.

In a settlement reached between Facebook and the German Officials; German officials have made it harder for Facebook to contact third parties through users' email address books. In addition, restrictions have also been placed on the site's controversial Friend Finder feature.

Under the improved privacy features, users can now select which contacts in their address book will receive an invitation and provides an additional warning before the action is carried out. --------

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