Facebook testing two new features to boost virtual goods

Facebook this week announced, Facebook Credits mandatory for App developers from July 1. Now reports are that Facebook is testing two new features that it says will encourage users to purchase virtual goods.

The two new Features, calls them Social Spending:

1) Buy With Friends: Lets users share details of virtual purchases with their network. Buy With Friends allows users to share their in-app purchases in their Facebook news stream. The feature also lets one user "unlock" a specific deal in an app and then share that same deal or discount with friends. Facebook claims that in initial trials, more than 50% of users chose to share a purchase.

2) Frictionless Credits: Makes it possible for users to buy Credits without leaving an app. Frictionless Credits allows users to buy up to 30 Credits without having to leave an app. Facebook says this will make the process faster and less distracting.

Facebook thinks that the new features will make users more likely to spend money on Facebook and help app developers earn more revenue. Credits are already used by around 150 developers, but many also offer their own branded currency. However, from July 1 Facebook will be making its own Credits the exclusive payment platform for all on-site games. Facebook takes 30% from all virtual sales made using its Credits. Facebook has already signed exclusive credit deals with some of the site's biggest games developers, including Zynga, RockYou and EA.

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