Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer in Europe

According to website analytics firm, Statcounter, Internet Explorer has lost its crown in major market for first time.

Mozilla Firefox overtook Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) to become the number one browser in Europe in December 2010.

European Browser market standings In December, on the basis of market share held:

Google Chrome_____14.58%

According to Statcounter, the reason behind the new standings is: Google's Chrome is stealing share from Internet Explorer while Firefox is mainly maintaining its existing share. Google Chrome which commanded 5.06 percent market share in December 2009, grew 188 percent in the lats one year. Another reason for the changed supremacy, according to Statcounter, is becoming visible, the impact of the agreement between European Commission competition authorities and Microsoft, to offer EU users a choice and menu of browsers from March last.

IE is still the king in North America:

In North Aerica, IE still rules the market, with a market share much above the number two, Firefox.

IE__________ 48.92%
Firefox______ 26.7%
Safari________10.16% --------

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