Flagship Launches ‘SMS Xpress’ app for iPhone

Flagship, a Dubai-based hi-tech mobile and web applications provider, today launched ‘SMS Xpress’, an iPhone App targeted at Arab world ( Arabic speaking ) to manage SMS templates. Taking motivation from the increasing usage of short messages as the most effective way of contacting people among Arab and Islamic world, the application offers access to a secure, dependable, high capacity messaging platform.

Although not to bet limited to Arab world, SMS Xpress supports the English language which reaches the majority of people worldwide. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and many more other devices platforms and is free.

What SMS Xpress offers:

1) Allows a user to create SMS templates and use them on different occasions without the hassle of typing them several times, saving the user a lot of time.

2) Lets the user create his own Favorite or Group of contacts and save them to be used regularly while texting. Such Favorites/Groups can always be edited, deleted or modified. Once a group is created, texting is just 2 clicks away.

3) An ideal communications solution for advertisers who can send hundreds of short messages in simple and effective clicks.

4) One of innovative features of the application is the “Shake & Spin” which is an excellent way of re-connecting with old friends, where a user can shake his iPhone and the spinner chooses random saved Social SMS templates allowing him to re-connect with old friends on the spot

SMS Xpress Layout:

Users go to the application and then create custom SMS templates, edit, sort and delete them. Similarly there is a special section for social templates in the same pattern.

Flagship plans to add many new features in coming days. --------

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