GameStop launches more than 300 free games app for Android phones

GameStop Corp. has launched a free gaming app for Android smart phones just a couple of moments ago.

The new free games portal (ya it’s essentially a portal) includes more than 300 games from the Kongregate game service ( that Grapevine-based service GameStop bought last year).
This is a big move by GameStop, towards a new direction. Notably, GameStop makes the largest share of its profit on buying and reselling used game discs and cartridges for consoles, a market that will probably shrink as a growing number of titles are delivered online rather than on physical media.

Through the new games Portal, Android users can access hundreds of free games. GameStop plans to make money through advertising (just like we do, by sharing news useful to you).

About the games:

Using Flash software, which many phones running Google Inc .’s Android software support.

No word about the versions for Apple devices is out yet.

Promotion & Availability: The Kongregate app will be advertised in GameStop’s 4,600 U.S. stores. --------

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