Google awards Its First $3,133.70 to a Hacker

Google has made an arrangement where Chrome security is tested by the hacker community (legally). Hackers bring to Google’s notice security flaws and the latest Google Chrome update fixes the security flaw.

Google announced early in 2010 that it would pay any hacker who could find any Chrome hack(a way around which breaks in chrome) in the web browser. The company challenged hackers around the world to find the web browser’s vulnerabilities and report them to Google for cash ($3,133.70). On January 13, 2011, Google paid out its first $3,133.70 to the hacker named Glazunov for finding a Google Chrome hack that left web users vulnerable to malware. The “3,133.70” stands for “elite,” which is old-school hacker speak from Usenet years.

Google puts a stern image of itself when it comes to user protection from malware. The company has a malware report system, and it has a support forum for hacked websites. One of Google’s goals is to ensure that users click on safe links that appear in its search result pages. If a site is hacked, Google returns a warning to users(currently active for Firefox or Chrome). --------

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