Hackers broke Sony PS3 to allow play pirated, non-Sony games

Hackers have released a code that makes it easy for people to run homemade games, other operating systems or even pirated games on Sony’s PS3 or Play Station 3 console.

The said hackers have released a custom firmware for the system that allows people to install it on the PS3 by using the program in a USB device instead of the dongle adapter ( that would previously allow players to load packages to the console). In the absence of this hack, first announced during the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlind, held on Dec 29 by fail 0verflow team - the group of people who cracked open the Nintendo's Wii, PS3 would run programs and games manufactured by Sony only.

How the hacking materialized:

The firmware opens PS3's architecture for anyone to run any operating system or games on Sony's exclusive PS3. iPhone hacker George Hotz, or GeoHot, has released his hack on his website.

Times when Sony’s devices were successfully compromised and counter action taken by Sony:

The first version of the PlayStation had Linux but has been removed since, leading to the hack. Last year, a USB dongle called PSjailbreak was released that contained software allowing games to play pirated games on the PS3. However, Sony updated its consoles to block the game.

This time around though, Sony will have to release new hardware to block the hackers, who took advantage of Sony's 'official signature' that uses a constant number for each signature. --------

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