Have a First Look at Nintendo 3DS from CES 2011

Here is the first look at Nintendo 3DS from CES 2011-- Nintendo's Glasses Free 3D gaming device, of more or less the same size and weight of Nintendo 3D lite. The successor to Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite, has a top screen to display 3D images without the need of 3D glasses, below is a touchscreen for control, on the back side are two cameras to take 3D photographs. The 3D display screen has a 3D slider -- a physical controller on the right vertical side of the display to regulate the intensity of 3D content-- can make it less intense eliminate it altogether. One good feature is the, Street Pass, which allows 3DS to communicate with other 3DSes.

Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible with DS. Nintendo device will start selling in March. No word on price yet. --------

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