How most Senators will be chosen in coming years?

Whether we agree with the Facebook and Twitter campaigns for “Keith Olbermann for Connecticut Senate seat” or not is not very important.

What's important is to see how politicians would be created in future. Keith Olberman gives fine clues in this regard.

Keith Olbermann, is not a politician, he’s a popular talk show host. People started talking about him passionately late last week, when he was removed from the show he hosts.

As happens with every public figure, some people sympathized with him; others make a mockery of him. But the end result of all this sympathy and bashing; turned some sympathizers into empathizers; who started seeing him as a person who can represent them in the senate that’s going to be vacated in 2012.

The extent of the empathy is such that a Daily Kos blog contributor called Stranded Wind says that the fact that Olbermann lives in New York is not a problem, as he could easily return and establish residency.

Although Keith Olbermann, has to separate the sarcasm from the genuine; if he listening to the growing voice on the internet; for those who are considering Facebook or Twitter popularity for their political ambitions; should also consider one thing: online social presence can get them their parliamentary seat one time; but it’s the real ground work that will ensure their permanent stay there. Not focusing on real work will be akin to underestimating the power of social media. If it can make a person, it can break him too.

On the contrary, if our representatives are chosen based on their Facebook and twitter popularity and verdict; then we as citizens have to be more willing to separate the grain from the chaff; keeping in mind that there are many senate/parliament seat aspirants who want to live the glory just once. Whether they get a second term is not much they bother about.

Overall, the trend is good, as it’ll make the representatives more accountable; and proliferate political careers among those bright people, who prefer to keep a safe distance from politics, for obvious reasons (negative perception about politics, money required ).

With the fast proliferation of web, Facebook and twitter; a Facebook and twitter or more specifically an open online presence for politicians will become mandatory. --------

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