How people use their Apple iPads? Some Insights

Not very different from how people use their PCs ,Reveals a Survey.

Below are the findings of the survey conducted by Knowledge Networks to know the usage behavior of iPad owners:

1) Majority of Apple iPad users prefer free content, subsidized by advertisements.
Only one in 7 of those surveyed, or 14 percent said that they would be willing to pay for a magazine or a TV program for the iPad (and xyz thought why magazine sales on iPad are slumping).

2) The average amount an iPad user is willing to pay up to $2.60 for the content.

3) The relative reluctance to pay for content or apps is highlighted by the fact that the average iPad user will only pay for six apps out of every 24 they download. Thus paying only 25 percent of times.

4) Usage statistics show that, as with traditional computers, most people use their tablets for searching (97 per cent of those surveyed), followed by web browsing and email (91 per cent).

5) Consuming multimedia content is quite low; only 50 per cent regularly watch video content, 66 percent listen to music 70 percent say they regularly read books on the iPad, 66% for music, 61% for reading magazines and newspapers and around 50% for regularly watch TV or movies. --------

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