Is Facebook Testing Voice Chat?

Some Facebook users are claiming that they are seeing a “Call” button next to options to Chat, Message, and Poke on the profiles of friends. When pressed, users see a “Calling [friend's name]” dialog pop up, Reports Facebook insider.

Some believe Facebook has been testing a new voice chat feature.

Facebook Insider feels that the new native app, may be built in collaboration of Skype. The partnership had brought the ability to browse Facebook to the the Skype 5.0 for Windows VoIP app. However, no Skype branding appearing in the new feature.

Notably, Facebook who had a job posting for a Network Engineer – Voice, some time ago has removed it now; raising speculations that Facebook may already have hired someone. And rather than Skype, it’s the same person, responsible for developing the native voip app.

Inside Facebook, feels that the Native web voice chat could pull business away from mobile operators, as users who are already putting several hours on the social network will call friends right from there. Once successfully implemented, the web version of the app will make it easy for Facebook to rule the mobile platforms. --------

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