Kingston launches New SD cards with 233x Speed Rating

Kingston, the makers of memory products like RAMs, has announced a new SD memory card (like ones you use in your cameras to increase the storage) which it claims is the fastest on the market. The new SD card employs the new SDHC UHS-I standard (one of the first manufacturers) to offer speeds three times faster than SDHC Class 10 cards.

Designed for rapid storage of high-definition video and large-format still images, the Kingston Ultimate XX series of SD cards boasts read speeds of up to 60MB per second(when you access the data) and write speeds of 35MB/s (when you copy data to the SD card) - an overall speed rating of 233x.

What is praiseworthy is that, unlike several high-speed cards recently announced, Kingston has managed to hit these high performance levels while keeping compatibility with the SDHC standard, meaning that the cards will work with all SDHC and SDXC devices.

However, sticking to compatibility with the SDHC standard can be a disappointment for those who value storage space over speed. In those cases, SDXC options such as the recently announced Lexar 128GB Professional SDXC card may be a better option, despite the significantly slower transfer rates.

Price and Availability: To be available in three sizes: 8GB (£97 or USD155); 16GB (£196 or USD 314) and 32GB (£392 or USD627). --------

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